Caera O'Shaughnessy, the founder and designer of Angelheart, always designs her jewelry with a view to their universal symbolism. She believes that pictures and words affect the mind, body and spirit on a deeper level. She hopes to inspire people with the energy and meanings in her collections.

Angelheart's first piece of jewelry was a Golden Heart on red silk ribbon. The special thing is the delicacy of the design and the lightness of the silk ribbon. The chain seems to float on the skin. Since then, Caera has transferred this delicacy to all collections that make it out 925 sterling silver, gold-plated with 325 gold (9 carat) and gold-plated with Rose gold gives.

Angelheart jewelry appeals to the soul and is packed on a story card with beautiful, inspiring words. The cards fit in a standard envelope and are perfect for giving away and sending to loved ones.