It all started in 2008. I was recently single at the time and needed some time to meditate and reconnect with my spiritual self. I found a nice exercise called Ho'oponopono: a meditation that clears old limiting patterns. One night after that, I had an experience that opened my heart. I came to a new understanding of the power of love and its truly transformative and healing abilities.

I was working in film at the time. After a very strenuous completion of a feature film, I fled from South Africa to Hamburg to relax. It was my birthday and a film colleague gave me a small golden heart on a red string. It was perfect. It was my confirmation from the universe that love is where magic really happens. When I returned to Cape Town, I looked for a similar product to give to my sister. When I couldn't find anything like it, I decided to make the hearts myself. Angelheart was born! Since then I have believed that love can change the world and that wearing the golden heart around your neck serves as an obligation and a reminder to always choose love.

From the humble beginnings of just 10 gold-plated hearts on red silk, the world of Angelheart grew. I always wore my little gold heart necklace and my friends asked me where to buy it. This piece of jewelry was so small and yet so powerful in its message. At first I only sold to friends for friends, but two months later Nap Living in Hout Bay placed their first order for 200 pieces. The rest is history ...

My jewelry has a simple message: an amazing life is waiting for you when you change your thoughts and feelings into ones of compassion, hope, trust and gratitude. Your thoughts are a place of wonder and power within you and the messages on all Angelheart Story Cards remind you of this. The pendants symbolize these meanings and serve as a companion for your everyday life.

Today the Angelheart brand is known and loved in South Africa and abroad. We sell in over 150 local stores and export to the United Arab Emirates, the UK, the US and Australia. Since 2020, Angelheart EU has our own shop for Europe. Angelheart is headquartered in St. Francis on the east coast of South Africa. In the quiet country life I find the moments when I can fall back on creative inspiration. I have an amazing team of local women who work with me to ensure we deliver a high quality product. Angelheart is 100% locally produced.

Angelheart has become very successful over the years and has established itself as one of the leading "jewelry that matters" labels. But despite all the success, my small family is the center of my life and always keeps me in balance.

I am very grateful for everything that has happened since Angelheart began. I still reconnect with my heart today to ground myself and remind myself why I am doing what I am doing. It is my vision to inspire the hearts of the people who wear my jewelry. When we put love above fear, we change the world - heart to heart.

Caera O'Shaughnessy

St. Francis, South Africa

January, 2021